FASHIONENTH is an online fashion and style destination created by Eunice Abe.

What started out as a personal style blog focusing on areas such as lifestyle and outfit inspiration, has now evolved into something more artistic with a lot more creative direction. FASHIONENTH creates a visual story – bringing each editorial to life.

After graduating from University, I knew that I didn’t want my life to be all about the ‘9-5.’ I started working on this platform again, hoping to rebuild what I had left behind for the past year or two. As a young professional woman, I want to grow this platform into a community where I can share my day to day with you guys through my personal style.

From the beginning of this journey, I have collaborated with ASOS, Boohoo, Dorothy Perkins and Tobi. Hopefully, this list will grow but my main priority right now is to continue to produce quality content that will inspire you and really draw you guys into the world of FASHIONENTH.