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You deserve to look and feel good in the clothes you wear!

In order to be accepted in work and gain the recognition you deserve, you might feel you need to conform to traditional styles of beauty, style and personal grooming. You feel under pressure to look a certain way when all you want is to break free from traditional office dress standards and express your unique individual style.

As a personal stylist, I help professional women like you elevate their personal style by editing their existing wardrobes and shopping for classic, trendy wardrobe pieces that enhances their appearance and gives them confidence.

Package One – Virtual Style Consultations


1 x 30 min virtual consultation session.

Personalised recommendations, tips and guidance


Includes everything in Basic.

Provides additional services such as personalised style lookbooks, outfit coordination and accessory recommendations.

1 x 15 min follow up call to address any questions or concerns. 


Includes everything in Deluxe.

Provides ongoing support and virtual consultations for 3 months.

The most popular online styling service – catered to all women of different body shapes and sizes. Whether you’re plus size, tall, or petite, there’s something for everyone! Choose from one of the above packages that best suits your needs.

Learn how to dress for your body shape, find the right colours that suit your skin complexion and learn how to put pieces together with a personalised style look book for you to keep and reference going forward. You’ll also learn how to shop smarter and choose the perfect cuts and styles for your body shape while out shopping.

Package Two – Virtual Personal Shopping


Selecting and purchasing clothing, accessories, and footwear online.


Provides curated shopping lists based on individual style preferences and needs.


Offers guidance on fit, style and brand recommendations.

Gone are the days of aimless browsing and fitting room frustrations. With the Virtual Personal Shopping package, shopping becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Simply schedule a session at your convenience, and I’ll work closely with you to understand your individual tastes, sizing requirements, and any specific preferences.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect ensemble for a special occasion, a complete wardrobe overhaul, or simply in need of expert fashion advice, I’m here to make it happen. From statement pieces to everyday essentials, I’ll handpick a selection of items that align perfectly with your style vision and budget.

During your virtual session, I’ll provide invaluable insights, styling tips, and outfit suggestions tailored to your unique body shape and personal aesthetic. My goal is not just to help you look good, but to feel confident and empowered in every outfit you wear.

Package Three – Virtual Wardrobe Edit


1 x 60 min virtual consultation to assess your current wardrobe.


Provides recommendations on how to maximise existing items and suggests additions to enhance the wardrobe.


A personalised digital lookbook for outfit inspiration.

Banish those ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments! I’ll help you go through your cluttered wardrobe and suggest outfit combinations with your existing wardrobe and most loved pieces. Together, we’ll determine what items to keep, store and donate!

At the end of the Virtual Wardrobe Edit, you’ll rediscover your sense of style and get rid of all your unwanted clutter.

Package Four – Seasonal Style Update


Updating your wardrobe with key seasonal items and trends while staying within your personal and professional image.


Receive tips on how to update your existing wardrobe


Delivered in a Seasonal Update PDF.

Refresh your wardrobe for the season with the Seasonal Style Update. Gain access to all the season must-haves, the best colours and shapes for the season (relevant to your shape and size) and receive personalised tips on how to update your existing wardrobe.

You’ll also receive a PDF guide on where to shop for your shape and style, with a complimentary seasonal update booklet for you to keep.

Package Five – Monthly Styling Subscription


Provides you with ongoing personalised styling advice, updates and recommendations.


Virtual styling and 1 x personal shopping session for upcoming events. (business or leisure)


Delivered via Zoom or email

Receive tailored style tips and advice on how to style your existing wardrobe or create outfits for corporate events, parties, etc. This package includes 1 x personal shopping session per month and mini virtual styling sessions for the wardrobe pieces you struggle to style.

Please note that this is a monthly subscription service, with a 3 month minimum commitment.