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Hi, my name is Eunice, and I’m so glad that you’re here because that means that we share the same interests in slow fashion!

Whether you’re here as a well established slow fashion enthusiast or you’re just getting started with the movement, I hope you’ll find the resources on this blog to help you on your journey.

Before I dive straight in with some background info, I’d like to define ‘slow fashion’ for any budding enthusiasts who may be reading this.

Emilia Wik, Head Designer at BYEM provides the perfect quote to define the concept of slow fashion:

Slow fashion is also about returning to a personal relationship with fashion. One where trends and seasons don’t matter, but where your ethics and aesthetics seamlessly unite, and you can escape the stress of constant consumption, focusing on the style that truly appeals to you.

In that case, slow fashion is conscious and adopts a slower approach to shopping and consumption. It focuses on timeless pieces, that last a lifetime rather than trendy items that have shorter life spans (think, fast fashion).

Slow fashion is about quality rather than quantity – this means investing in garments that are seasonless and can last a lifetime.

Sustainable and ethical are two of the common keywords associated with slow fashion which explore the raw materials used, the environmental impacts, human labour, etc.

Slow fashion is sustainable and isn’t viewed as ‘disposable.’

Emilia Wik’s quote really resonates with me because my decision to switch to the slow fashion lifestyle derives from my innate relationship with fashion and how my style has evolved over the last couple of years.

I went from constantly shopping the ‘new-in’ high street pieces to buying secondhand, slowing down my consumption (a lot!) and building a wardrobe that I’ve fallen in love with all over again.

I got sick and tired of being a part of a culture that believes ‘more is more’ and constantly being bombarded with promotional offers encouraging me to buy, buy, buy.

I deleted apps from some of my favourite fashion retailers, unsubscribed from dozens of email lists and started my research on sustainability and slow fashion.

I decluttered my wardrobe and condensed it down to just pieces that I loved, whilst donating the rest to charity.

When I decide to make a purchase now, it’s only to fill any gaps in my wardrobe especially when approaching a new season. Having said that, I’d normally browse through secondhand shops first.

I’m still not where I’d like to be yet as this is still a journey I’m embarking on, but I believe making these small changes is a step in the right direction. 

That’s what inspired me to rebrand and pursue the slow fashion niche, as this is something I’m most passionate about at the moment.

I want this blog to serve as a platform where we can grow together on this journey and you can find all the helpful resources to guide you. 

Here are some of the resources you’ll find on my blog:

I’d also love to make some new friends, so if you fancy a chit-chat, let’s connect on Instagram where I create conversations around slow fashion, show you #ootds and ways to style items that you already have in your wardrobe.

Wishing you all the very best in your slow fashion journey!