Here is what our clients say


For a long while, I was lost when it came to my style. I had so many clothes in my closet but wore only maybe 10% of them all. I finally decided I needed to know what I wanted and what worked for me in order to be happier with my style.

Eunice, you gave me new perspectives and ideas for what could work for me. Colours, material, shape where all things I needed help with and got through my style guide. I slowly but surely started my journey with the aid of the style guide and mood boards I collected, inspired by the guide. I went through all of my clothes. However, Instead of going out and shopping all at once, especially in the pandemic, I’m trying out a few pieces every once in a while to see what works for me and what I can match with pieces I already own. I already feel lighter and more inspired. I’m really grateful for my personalized style guide. But also for your content overall.


I was quite intimidated by a fashion consultation because I felt quite uneducated and I did not want to be overwhelmed. However, Eunice completely changed that perception. Her love for fashion coupled with her years of experience and knowledge in the fashion industry really put me at ease. She gave me a step by step guide on what to do and she was so engaging and helpful. One of the best parts for me was the follow-up email she sent with a mood board detailing new styles that fit my body and personal style goals. It also included suggestions on where to get the clothes. All in all, I really found the service helpful and now I have more confidence styling myself moving forward. Thank you, Eunice. I really do feel inspired and ready to tackle my wardrobe again!


Eunice helped me to create the perfect work wardrobe. The portfolio she gave me was thorough, comprehensive and introduced me to a variety of new brands that align with my style. Thanks to her, I’m adventurous with the outfits I wear for work. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and creative stylist, the Fashion Enthusiast is the one!


Need a personal stylist? Please book fashionenth! My lookbook came
out perfect, she definitely matched my vision.